Paper Cutting Workshop

Posted on July 19, 2019

We held our 1st paper cutting workshop in June with Sensei Emi.

Emi is a Tokyo-based paper-cut artist who is heavily influenced by Okinawan stencil designs. Paper-cutting is an ancient traditional art and has been around for hundreds of years. While studying these traditions, Emi has developed her own style that is steadfastly rooted in Japanese aesthetic principles. A constant traveler herself, Emi finds inspiration for her work in nature and the stories she hears from the artisans she meets during her journeys. She is currently working as the illustrator, and she has also taught paper-cutting in American for the past two years. Emi’s mission is to keep this tradition alive while sharing artistic skills and cultural experiences with others.

The lucky intheHood’s guests from France, USA, Singapore and Taiwan joined the workshop. During this two hour guided workshop, guests learned the basics of papercutting and craft a bookmark based on a Japanese design. Guests chose both the design and the colored paper that they wish to use including nature and family crest themed designs. Emi also shared insider tips on where to get Japanese washi paper, art supplies, and even some of her favorite Tokyo shops for finding handmade folk art.


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