Let’s talk business:

IntheHood Hospitality is a Tokyo-based operator of hotels and furnished apartments. Our team consists of former executives from international hospitality brands, major online travel agencies and real estate private equity firms.

Not only do we believe in the sustained growth of inbound tourism in Japan, we recognize the undersupply of unique, Airbnb-esque products – collectively known as alternative lodging. Thus, we specialize in converting residential real estate into fully-fledged hospitality products through a thoughtful approach to design and expertise in licensing / compliance.

If you…

1. want to invest in lodging real estate in Japan?

intheHood can...

find optimal real estate deals through our multilingual brokers' network
(En, Jp, Cn)

intheHood's qualification includes...

Property agent (Takken) license #102543

2. own real estate in Japan and want to enter the lodging market?

intheHood can...

convert building usage into licenced hotel / private lodging with our trusted architects & lawyers

intheHood's qualification includes...

    Successful experiences in obtaining multi-location:
  • Private lodging operator licences
  • Hotel licenses

3. already own licenced hotel / private lodging in Japan?

intheHood can...

manage as competitive alternative lodging products: you're fully hands-off!

intheHood's qualification includes...

  • Airbnb Superhost with consistent strong track records
  • Private lodging administrator licence License
Basically, we are a one-stop-shop for alternative lodging in Japan
from asset planning to operations management
Building Launch / Conversion

Obtain hotel or private lodging license with our trusted lawyers & architects

Distinctive interior design & full-furnishing

Professional Photography

Our operation services include...

Reservation and revenue management across optimal sales channels

Automated check in & out solution

Guest communications & community building

Regular performance monitoring and reporting

Five-star professional cleaning & linen

Hyper-curated neighborhood guides

Oryu, Management Consultant from Japan

IntheHood lives up to their words, 'thoughtfully-designed with avid travelers in mind.' My time in the city was easily complete with just a small briefcase; thanks to their extensive apartment amenities and remote concierge which connected me to the best neighborhoods of Tokyo.

Cassie, Professional Dancer from USA

Staying at their place was such an amazing way to experience Tokyo. I felt like a local with the ease that was afforded to me by intheHood. You can really tell that the people behind the concept cared about about every detail, down to the arts that hung behind the bed. I would recommend this space to anyone - young or old, professional or amateur traveler.

Cindy, Writer from Taiwan

It's new, super clean, very spacious, and has everything we needed for a comfortable life in Tokyo - from fully equipped kitchen, washing machine (with laundry detergent etc.) to a comfortable bath tub (especially helpful after a long day of walking around in Tokyo).

Dave, Software Engineer from USA

Above and beyond the unit itself, intheHood provided a variety of suggestions on things to check out in the neighborhood, and periodically hosted events that were great ways to meet fellow travelers and learn about the area.